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Monitoring the electoral violence against women during the 2020 parliamentary elections

Build upon the previous projects, and regarding the electoral violence against women, we have conducted this project during the parliamentary elections in 2020 to watch and monitor the electoral violence against women in all governorates and electoral districts in the country. 

In this project, we were observing all kind of violence that face the candidates, meeting up, and interviewing with the women candidates in the different governorates and districts in the country by our project teams which had many observers who were spread in all districts for comprehensive monitoring of the electoral violence. 

Also, training workshops for civil society organizations were held during the project to introduce the issue of electoral violence against women.

A comprehensive report of the electoral violence has followed this project. Meantime, the report is in the preparing phase, and it will be ready in the coming days.

The following video shows excerpts from of training workshop for long term observers (LTOs)for the 2020 election

Monitoring the electoral violence against women

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