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Observatory of Electoral Violence Against Women

This program is being implemented in collaboration with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Foundation. 

It aims to establish an observatory that serves as a mechanism for continuous monitoring of electoral violence against women. 

The program aims to contribute to improving the electoral process by uncovering the violations experienced by women, whether they are candidates, voters, or officials at polling stations. 

Through field research, interviews with women, and analysis of social media data, this observatory represents an important step in monitoring violations and violence against women. 

It will be built on a solid foundation of statistics, interviews, findings, and recommendations gathered over a period of two years. Moreover, it is the first of its kind in Arab countries where such an idea has not been previously introduced. 

The project aims to provide comprehensive databases covering various indicators of electoral violence. It also includes the development and implementation of training programs aimed at enhancing the skills and capacities of election workers. 

The observatory will cover various electoral news and activities during candidacy periods, election campaigns, voting day, and beyond. 

Thus, the process of monitoring electoral violence will be continuous and not limited to election periods.

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