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Political Empowerment Projects Identifying Economic and Political Barriers Facing Jordanian Women in the Governorates

The Al Karak Consultancy and Training Center, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and UN Women, conducted a study titled "Identifying the Economic and Political Obstacles Facing Jordanian Women in the Provinces." 

The study aims to provide an independent insight to enhance understanding of the barriers that hinder women's political and social empowerment. 

The study focuses on obstacles at four different levels - family, community, legislation, and politics - that hinder women's political and social empowerment, which coincides with women's economic empowerment.

The study targeted members of provincial councils, heads of provincial councils and examined women's perceptions of their roles as council members, their success factors, challenges, and their needs to better perform their roles and responsibilities. 

It also evaluated the perceptions of mayors regarding women's participation, the tools and mechanisms available to leverage women's voices, and the gaps that need to be addressed.

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