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Women of the South in Investigative Reporting – 2019

Karak Castle Center for Consultations and Training, in cooperation with the Community Media Network within the European Community Media Support Project, is implementing "Women of the South in Investigative Reporting”. 

The project aims to document the stories of women in marginalized areas such as Al-Karak, Al-Tafila, and Ma'an. 

The project is expected to produce 9 investigative reports on women in the south of Jordan.

The following reports have been made by the participants of the project:

1. The conditions of women working in the day labor in the governorate of Ma'an.

2. The suffering of mothers in the education of their children with disabilities in Al Shobak district.

3. Subordination of women to men in electoral decision-making in Karak Governorate.

4. Women working in the private sector between absenteeism in the laws and job instability in Tafila governorate.

5. Exploitation of girls in the private sector in Tafila Governorate and stripping their rights.

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